Saturday, July 25, 2015

TrueFood Superfood Powder Review

I was recently sent two samples of TrueFood - chocolate and original- which are "superfood" powders that you can add to shakes, water, smoothies, and more. The TrueFood formula advertises that it is made with 75 ingredients including vegetables, fruits, herbs, probiotics, omega fatty acids, and more. 

While I always advocated eating a healthy diet filled with TONS of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean proteins, and low-fat cultured dairy, to get your nutrients, products like TrueFood can be added as a supplement to get more of a diversity of phytonutrients and food compounds. I like that this product has fifteen strains of probiotics, and is a healthier way to flavor milks and other things without added sugars (it does use stevia however). See the supplement facts below:

Since I've received the samples, I have been adding TrueFood to various things, but primarily in shakes and my oat bran in the morning. This product is definitely "earthy" tasting, so you have to be the type of person that likes things that taste healthy... it adds a grittiness to shakes which I appreciate, but others may not. It does color your shakes and things you add it to green, but that is the wheatgrass, kelp, spriulina, kale, etc showing their true colors ;)

Below are pictures of the ways I have incorporated TrueFood into my diet:

This shake was made with cashew milk, 1/2 banana, and 1 scoop of TrueFood Chocolate. I blended with ice and it was a decent beverage to drink besides water all day long. I have also made very good shakes incorporating the TrueFood Chocolate, plain yogurt, and/or cottage cheese and PB2.

The next picture shows how I have added TrueFood original to my oat bran after it is cooked (you do not want to cook it with the TrueFood as it will kill the probiotics). 

In conclusion, I am impressed with the diversity and quality of ingredients in TrueFood. I feel that this could be a good supplement to anyone's diet, though it does not replace the need to eat several cups of vegetables each day, real fruit, real yogurt/kefir, etc. If you are looking for something to add flavor and nutrition to your shakes I would say TrueFood is for you. If you are eating very healthy and choose just to drink water or green tea all day long, I would say that you do not need products like this in your diet to be healthy.

For more information or to purchase this product, visit the TrueFood link at:

Disclaimer: I was sent 2 samples of TrueFood and was just asked to review the product. I was not given any guidelines on what I should say and given no other form of compensation besides the samples themselves. This is an honest review free of conflict of interest.

Picture Sources: 1st picture and nutrition facts source from Brightcore nutrition website.

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