Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Healthy Pick at: THE GOAT'S BEARD ~ WAYNE, PA

Wayne, PA is full of fantastic restaurants and several that offer locally sourced produce, proteins, and libations... and I am all about buying local and knowing where your food comes from. Once place my husband and I frequent is the Goat's Beard in Wayne. The drinks are fairly expensive, which helps go along with my recommendation of limiting or avoiding alcohol, and the food is reasonable for an "upscale" bar type atmosphere. The service is usually very good, and it is always a hopping spot with locals. 

Previously, I struggled to find a healthy dinner option when I would dine here, with things like TGB nuggets (chicken nuggets), burgers, fish and chips, and scallops with pork belly on the menu. Many of their dishes are unique and delicious, but not necessarily "healthy". However, I have noticed over the past few months they have really amped-up their salad game, creating more meal-like salads that provide vegetables, protein, and whole grains. To date, I have gotten their garden salad that comes with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, quinoa and sherry vinaigrette (ordered on the side), and I add chicken. The chicken is very good, though not a large quantity. Their Drunken Goat salad is also quite good which contains a scant amount of bulgur wheat, field greens, fennel, apple, walnuts, pickled onions, and I requested they add chicken but leave the goat cheese and cider vinaigrette on the side.

Cauliflower & Quinoa Salad 

My new favorite is their Cauliflower & Quinoa salad that comes with pickled shrimp, arugula, yogurt, red onion, tahini, grapes, tomatoes, and cilantro. This dish is very healthy since there seems to be very little added oil or fat and it is not very salty. The pickled shrimp are different, but good, and I am always an advocate of adding yogurt to salads. I was very pleased with this meal and it is a pretty decent serving size for a meal. It was fairly well balanced, though I would like to see a bit more quinoa.

So, if you're looking for a salad, Goat's beard has quite the variety and has all the components that I like to include in a meal (veggies, protein & whole grain). Their entree options are definitely unique and interesting, but don't yet get the Kelly Stamp of Approval for nutrition.

So next time you are in Wayne, check out the Goat's Beard salad menu! More restaurant recommendations to come....

Friday, December 14, 2018

More Ideas for Oat bran

As I've gone through more years eating oat bran everyday for breakfast, I thought I would update everyone (especially clients) on some new recommendations to help fit various preferences. Note that oat bran can be purchased at Whole Foods in the bulk bins, Wegman's and most stores like Acme/Giant in the "healthy foods/gluten free" aisle. The most common boxed brands you will find are Bob's Red Mill, Hodgson Mill, and Quaker. Trader Joe's has sadly discontinued their oat bran. You may also purchase on Amazon.

My favorite daily oat bran (post-workout):

1/4 c oat bran = 1 oz grain

3/4 c unsweetened almond/cashew milk= 0.75 c dairy

1 scoop Less Naked* Vanilla Whey Protein= brings my almond milk up to normal dairy standards (close to 100 calories and >8 g protein)- so I don't count for a food group

1/4 banana + 1/4 c chopped apple= 0.5 c fruit

Dash of cinnamon

HOW TO MAKE: Mix all ingredients together in a LARGE bowl. Microwave (or cook on stove) for about 2-3 minutes- keep an eye on it as it will boil over. That's the benefit of oat bran, it expands a lot!

Optional: chia/flax/hemp seeds, 1 tsp pure maple syrup, and/or top with plain Greek yogurt or kefir after cooked

Note: You can adjust the oat bran serving to your calorie needs (1/3 c dry oat bran= 1.5 oz grains, 1/2 c dry oat bran= 2 oz grains)

Overnight oat bran
Mix all aforementioned ingredients together in a mason jar or Tupperware, and eat cold the next day.

Oat Bran Shake

1/4 c oat bran = 1 oz grain

1 c plain non-fat/low-fat kefir= 1 c cultured dairy

1 scoop Less Naked Vanilla Whey Protein= brings my almond milk up to normal dairy standards (close to 100 calories and >8 g protein)- so I don't count for a food group

0.5-1 c frozen fruit= 0.5-1 c fruit

NOTE: You can increase the liquid by adding more kefir, almond milk, or water if too thick.

*Less Naked is the best tasting vanilla whey protein I have found with only 3 ingredients: whey protein, coconut sugar, and vanilla extract. They use no artificial sweeteners or stevia, which is very hard to find even in "natural" or "organic" protein powders. They also have egg white and plant based proteins available. I do not get compensated by Naked Nutrition to endorse these products.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, helping others…. and food. Thus the inspiration for my blog today:

A few months ago, I was contacted by Hungry Harvest (HH), which is a produce delivery service that takes produce that is not favorable for grocery stores and delivers it to your doorstep on a mission to end food waste. According to their website, 40% of all food in the US goes to waste in this country, uneaten. These foods often go unsold to grocers because they don't look the part: too large, too small, weird dots, etc. They are the ugly ducklings of the produce world that need love too. And just like people, while some of them may not be too attractive on the outside, they are wonderful on the inside!
A mini harvest with watermelon, kale, potatoes, zucchini, and several other fruits and veggies

 This company does a great service to society and environment by not only using food that would otherwise be thrown out, but they also donate produce to SNAP and various food banks and other services that benefit the community. I immediately took an interest in learning more about this company that seeks to reduce waste and help others. Hungry Harvest is trying to provide a service to people looking to eat healthy, but also who want to help make a positive impact, it's a win-win.

            After learning about HH, I wanted to test out their service and see the quality of produce, for which I was offered one complimentary mini-harvest. In order to gain access to the produce delivery service, users create an account on their website (for which anyone who uses the code WAYNENUTRITION will receive 30% off their first harvest*). From there, you have the option of various “harvests”, including mini, full, super, and organic, all of which you can edit and swap out items (for a small fee). You can also add on items such as bread, snacks, more veggies and fruit, etc. Users can specify certain produce you love and produce you're not too keen on. HH has done a fantastic job swapping out produce that would normally come with my mini harvest that I don’t really like for produce that I do like (for no additional fee).

I personally think they provide produce and add-ons at a very reasonable price. I have been able to get a dozen jumbo cage free eggs for just $2.49, and an avocado for only $1.00, which I think is a bargain (especially this time of year). Below is an example of my mini harvest with several add-ons (eggs, avocados, grapes, mushrooms, garlic, apples). For only $30, I am getting well over 10 pounds of vegetables and fruit, which is a steal. The quality of the produce is also generally very good, and I have not been disappointed with anything yet. During the summer, I got the tastiest tomatoes I have ever had through Hungry Harvest, and most come from a farm somewhat local (within a couple states of PA). Furthermore, this service provides some more unique fruits and vegetables that I would not typically buy. So, it is a great way to expand your diet with new fruits and veggies.
Example of my order for this week with the mini-harvest and a few add ons

For someone that advocates “eat as many vegetables as you can” to my clients, Hungry Harvest is an economical way to make this happen, while also helping to reduce waste. Even more, Hungry Harvest delivers right to your doorstep (for most locations near Philadelphia and some other major cities), which makes it super convenient for busy people. I try to order as much as I can through Hungry Harvest to keep my grocery shopping to a minimum during the week. To me, it’s a no brainer to use this delivery service.

            I cannot say enough about what great of a service Hungry Harvest is, and I wish I had known about this service years earlier. You can’t beat the price, the quality, the convenience, and the mission of the company. I plan to continue using Hungry Harvest indefinitely, and really encourage all clients and blog readers to look into it. Don’t forget to use my promo code to get 30% off your initial harvest: WAYNENUTRITION.

*Besides the first free mini-harvest to test out the company, I have not received any form of compensation for promoting Hungry Harvest and I pay out of pocket every week for my personal Harvest delivery.