Friday, December 20, 2013

My Five Holiday Party Tips

1.   Make sure you get in some form of cardiovascular exercise EVERY DAY. MAKE THE TIME!
A study published December 15th showed that a group of people who exercised for 45 minutes on mostly sedentary days filled with overeating did not experience the negative effects the completely inactive group did (decreased blood sugar control, modified gene expression in fat cells leading to unhealthy metabolic changes of genes and hormones and altered metabolism).
          Reference: December 15, 2013 The Journal of Physiology, 591, 6231-6243.

2.   THINK before you eat!
Assume each cookie or small bite-sized fancy appetizer is at least 100 calories. Choose your intake wisely and make sure it is worth those calories.

3.   Bring a healthy dish.
People enjoy when you bring something to a gathering. So, bring a low-fat vegetable-based dish that you know you can eat and rely on in case there are no other healthy dishes available.

4.   Drink water WITH and IN BETWEEN each alcoholic beverage to slow your intake.
Each drink (1.5 fl oz liquor, 5 oz wine, 12 oz beer), on average will run you at least 100-150 calories… calories increases as %ABV does. Try to choose beverages that are lower in calories like 1 shot vodka + club soda or a light beer. Try to increase volume and decrease calories.

5.   Stand AWAY from the food table.
At parties you will be more inclined to eat food if it is staring at you. Try to stand at least 6 feet away and be social- you can’t be eating if you’re talking.

        Throughout the holidays you must still be mindful of portion size, healthy eating, and exercise. You can’t just give up now and think you’ll start January 1st. Eating one large and unhealthy meal can do significant damage to your system… so just think about your food and beverage choices and try to be mindful. You should enjoy a special holiday cookie, but there is no reason eating 5 will make you feel better than eating just one. Happy Holidays! :-)

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