Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gluten-Free Diet article

Just read this article, and it pretty much sums up all of my thoughts on going Gluten Free. I only recommend this diet to those that actually have Celiac Disease or have had negative side effects from ingesting gluten. If you want to go gluten-free, you better be willing to take the time to make your own grains such as amaranth, quinoa, brown rice, and buckwheat instead of eating the heavily processed gluten-free stuff. Most gluten-free products on the market lack fiber, are higher in calories because they tend to use nut meals to replace flour, and are not very nutritious.

Check out this article: Why you shouldn't go gluten-free

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Peace of Grace Designs said...

Great article! I have been gluten free for years(per medical testing) and am tired of people treating it like I am trying to quickly loose weight on a fad diet!