Friday, February 22, 2013

Take COD LIVER OIL Every Day like it’s Medicine!

A few months ago I was given a free bottle of Carlson’s (lemon flavor) Cod Liver Oil at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in Philly and have been taking it (almost) daily ever since. I remembered back to my undergrad nutrient metabolism class when my professor made cod liver oil sound like the healthiest consumable on earth. With most people showing up as being Vitamin D deficient, cod liver oil again comes up as the best natural source of the vitamin, aside from sunlight. Vitamin D is important for bones and teeth, but deficiency has been linked to a slew of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, cancers, heart disease, and more. Cod liver oil also has very high levels of Vitamin A, which is an antioxidant and important for hair, nail, skin, and eye health.

In addition to being high in Vitamins A & D, cod liver oil is an excellent source of omega 3’s, which are needed to ease inflammation, important for brain and eye health, skin, reproduction, and many other functions of the body. It also contains a health dose of Vitamin E, which is another antioxidant that is important for heart health. One teaspoon has about 500 mg of DHA, 400 mg EPA, and 1,100 mg of total omega-3’s. Here is the nutrition run-down for Carlson's Lemon Flavor Cod Liver Oil:

Carlson Labs Cod Liver Oil- Lemon Label- from website: 

I am such an advocate of cod liver oil because it is a natural source of many of the vitamins people take- Vitamins A, D, E, and fish oil (omega-3’s). It is always best to get your nutrients through food, so if you don’t eat a lot of fish, getting these nutrients through purified oil is the way to go. Just take it as a shot and sip something afterwards, you’ll be fine. Take it like medicine and you will start to reap the benefits (healthier hair, better skin, improved arthritis symptoms, etc.). A few of my clients told me this week "it's not that bad". In the whole scheme of things, if you can decrease your risk of disease and improve your overall health by taking a tsp of something not entirely tasty, I think it's totally worth it!


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