Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Stick to Your Weight- Loss Resolution

It’s the beginning of a new year which means many people have committed to “going on a diet” and “exercising more.” If history repeats itself, most likely many of these people will have given up two weeks from now. If you want to be successful at losing weight this year, follow my 5 simple tips:

1.       Be specific- Instead of setting a “weight” goal, make one or two goals that you can easily check off when completed each week. Examples: Have my heart pumping hard (i.e.: moderate-intense cardio) for at least 30 minutes at least 5x/week; Do not eat after 8pm; Do not drink alcohol Mon-Fri
2.      Be realistic- If your goal is to weigh 140 pounds, and you have never been or stayed at that weight comfortably for more than a year, it is probably unrealistic. If you set a goal to get to the gym 6x/wk, that is probably unrealistic. Things come up that you can't "get to the gym", so find exercises that you can do outside of the gym setting like running, biking, Exercise TV, exercise DVDs, etc. Set realistic weight goals, and plan for unforeseen circumstances (e.g.: blizzard) so that you can adapt to barriers to your usual routine.
3.      Be positive- If you slip up one day, don’t beat yourself up. One day of having an extra cookie or one day of skipped exercise won’t derail your weight loss efforts. Get back on track the next day and stay positive!
4.     Do things you enjoy- Make sure your healthy new diet is full of foods you like and that your exercise regime is things that you ENJOY doing. If you are eating tasteless food or if your workouts are a dreaded chore for you, there is no way you will stick with it. Find new recipes and try new fitness classes this year!
5.      Make it a lifestyle- If your New Year’s Resolution is weight loss, try changing your thinking. You can’t (and wouldn’t want to!) be losing weight the rest of your life. After you reach your “happy weight” you will need to stick with the lifestyle changes you’ve already made to get to that point. Don’t think of this as a one-year commitment to a healthy diet and exercise, this is for life!
A Note on Nutrition Counseling:

It's a new year, so check with me to see if nutrition counseling can be covered by your health insurance plan. Anyone can benefit by nutrition counseling- even if you are not looking to lose or gain weight. I can help you make sure you are getting the most out of the foods you are eating and meeting your nutritional requirements.
Most of the following plans that I am a provider with now reimburse for nutrition counseling due to new healthcare reform:

INDEPENDENCE BLUE CROSS and AMERIHEALTH Members: Personal Choice, Keystone Health Plan East, or AmeriHealth members may receive 6 free nutritional counseling sessions each year with me!
*Note: I am not a provider with Medicare or Blue Cross/Blue Shield

AETNA Members: Aetna reimbursement depends upon your specific policy. Many plans do offer 100% coverage for up to 10 visits per year!
 Note: I offer package rates for clients paying out of pocket who do not have any of the insurance plans I am a provider with. I also have an E-Client package, so even if you live across the country I can work with you to meet your nutrition goals! To inquire, email me at: 

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