Thursday, June 14, 2012

SHAKE SHACK Recs (or lack there of...)

I was recently interviewed for a Be Well Philly (Philly Mag online) article about the new Shake Shack on 20th and Sansom Street. Read what I had to say about the better of the poor options at this joint:

It should be noted, however, that at the time of the interview, I was unaware that the Shake Shack does offer a vegetarian "Garden Dog" and vegetarian mushroom burger. These are not listed on their menu for some reason, so you must have this secret knowledge that they do offer these healthier items. Obviously, if I had known that these were offerings, I would recommend these items over the highly processed, fatty animal parts that comprise a hot dog or hamburger. In general, even if their garden dog and mushroom burger are high in calories due to grains, oils, nuts or seeds, they will be a much healthier option than heavily processed and red meats. Most likely, however, a veggie hamburger or hot dog will be lower in calories and fat than their regular counterparts. Just make sure you order them without the cheese or special sauces!

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