Wednesday, August 28, 2019

My Healthy Pick at: Teresa's Next Door, Wayne, PA

It's been a long time since I last blogged, so I thought I was due for a "Healthy Pick" to help my local readers navigate food choices in the area. This healthy pick I've been meaning to write about for months (I am now 9 months pregnant, so obviously have not eaten this meal in the past 9 months due pregnancy rules and the tuna being partially raw). But, back in my non-pregger days, I would get this dish quite often. It's filling, delicious, and healthy!

What is it? It's the Teresa's Next Door Tuna Burger. All of their burgers are served with a mixed green salad, which I give high praise. The waiter/waitress will always give you the option of adding pommes frites, but be careful because that is a lot of extra calories and an extra cost! I recommend you eat the tuna burger with the salad and go sans bun (it is buttery and delicious, but refined grain + butter= bad for health). If you want to doll up the burger, you can add any assortment of toppings from avocado to portabella mushroom.

Teresa's Next Door Tuna Burger & Mixed Greens salad
I highly recommend this burger if you are into seared tuna and want to eat something healthy at Teresa's... since finding a healthy dish takes some work in these types of establishments. Be sure to drink your water and try to skip some of the heavier beers. Remember, my general rule of thumb is the higher the ABV= higher the calories. Teresa's is always a good time and one of my favorite local joints (even when pregnant!), so I know from experience you don't need to overindulge in the food or alcohol to have a good time. Enjoy!