Friday, May 11, 2018

My Healthy Pick At: WHITE DOG CAFE (Wayne, PA)

The White Dog Cafe is a quintessential Main Line restaurant where you will find most well-to-do people in the area dining on a regular basis. I know friends that travel from afar to go to their brunch there, but I have not been. That being said, I make it there every few months for dinner, but definitely not regularly. The menu is pricey (except for their great happy hour specials!) and I also find it difficult to navigate in terms of making a healthy selection. I struggle to find something satisfying for my clients to choose when they go there. The salads need extreme modification, or a healthier appetizer is usually not a lot of food and will leave someone feeling like they haven't had a meal. Months ago I got the salmon with lentils and cauliflower mash, which sounds like it should be healthy, but as with any good restaurant, it was loaded with butter and salt. But I get it, to be a good chef, you have to use a lot of butter, people love that!

Anyway, I went back again last month for my fiance's birthday, and also because I had a $15 gift card, thanks to my Birthday Pak. I went in with the mission to find something that I really enjoyed and that I could recommend to clients. Mission accomplished! I inquired if I could change the steak in the "Thai Steak and Noodle Salad" to chicken. They were very accommodating and allowed me to make that switch. I was also able to get the Thai vinaigrette on the side. This meal was right up my alley since I love the flavors of Thai food, and it was pretty healthy. While there were (refined grain) Udon noodles, there was not a significant portion. I was pleasantly surprised with the quantity of vegetables, and the amount of chicken was perfect. Since I ordered this delicious and satisfying meal, I have recommended it to several local friends and clients.

So I am pleased that I have finally found something I can recommend at White Dog as a dietitian. Don't get me wrong, the food is terrific, which is why it's a popular spot... but generally difficult to eat at if you are trying to eat healthy and/or watching your waistline. So give it ago and see how you like it!